Cheeto Cthulu Chillin'
My given name is Jack Riggen.

I am living a very blessed life, with my wife Brandy, among the redwoods along the Russian River in a little place we call Tranquility Base.

I enjoy Cheetos. On the beach.

I have been been creating my digital art and displaying my work on the web since 1994.

I started pushing pixels soon after becoming acquainted with personal computers in college. My artistic tools of choice have been Painter (previously by Fractal Design, currently Corel) and a Wacom tablet and stylus.

My interest in painting with a PC led to a career in computers. Having a vocation and avocation both based in the world of computers has been a symbiotic experience. When I tire of the work aspect, I have the art to balance things out. The paycheck from my profession has provided the means for me to keep painting (and eating, and staying warm and dry, etc.).
Boss, because Tie!

I have had no training or education in the arts. I don't know that I will ever pursue either. From time to time I have wondered if seeking acceptance and participation in a more formal gallery environment would benefit my pursuit of sales. Those thoughts don't linger long. I am grateful to be an artist in the age of the Internet, and am in awe of how vast the potential audience for my work could be. Having moved to a community that so eagerly embraces the arts has motivated me to get out and show my work beyond the confines of the computer screen. I am excited to see what comes of the opportunities to get my art in front of a public that might not otherwise find me on the web.

I love the simplicity of working in the abstract and just letting the colors flow. Painting is meditation to me, a journey of self-discovery. I am re-discovering that creating art is an intrinsic part of my being, and that I cannot afford to neglect that part of who I am. My art is primarily an exploration of color and organic form. The bulk of my work is non-representational, characterized by vibrant hues, an engaging luminous quality, and fluid transitions of one color into the next. I create simply for the sake of creating most of the time, without any particular goal in mind once I begin an image. Much of the resulting art reflects my fascination with the infinite ways color can be combined to stir the spirit of both the artist and viewer.

When describing my style, I say my images are decidedly abstract expressionist, with an occasional touch of surrealism. I imagine that if Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Franz Marc, Georgia O'Keefe and Helen Frankenthaler were to integrate their respective styles and explore the potential of digital image creation tools, their combined efforts would result in something resembling my own work.

Because I use a computer to create and compose my images, I am free to utilize a number of tools in concert which mimic traditional media remarkably well. This means I can push pigments on my digital canvasses using a watercolor brush on one portion of the image and an oil brush on adjacent (or even overlapping) sections. The ability to combine these various tools in the creation process, in addition to using other "filters" available within the graphics programs to manipulate the images, allows me to synthesize styles and develop my own unique flavor of abstract expressionism. I feel that my style is especially unique because it takes "computer art" to the next level, incorporating a much more organic sensibility than most people associate with computer-based art.

As a "new media" artist, I work with an infinitely changeable canvas. My art reflects my fascination with the experience of exploring and expressing the unapparent symmetries and patterns of the universe in full, luminous color on the computer screen. I call the experience I have during the creation of (and reflection on) my art "pixelskizm". Pixels are the "picture elements" in a computer image, and schism describes the sensation of my consciousness being split by a bolt of creative energy that touches down in a billion colors on my computer monitor.

My inspiration for my art comes primarily from nature, from the patterns and textures in the universe I may not always be able to see directly, but which I intuit. I like to think of my art as a representation of atomic-level interactions of matter and energy with my imagination. There is an element of chaos in each piece I create that is influenced by my observations of natural phenomena, and I consider this aspect an integral part of my style. Since creating my art is a form of meditation for me, so the inspiration often springs from whatever I'm feeling at the moment I happen to be working on an image.

The purpose of my art - as I feel the purpose of all art might well be - is to alter perceptions. My art gives the viewer room to experience the power of color on the human consciousness without enforcing a restricting need to interpret an explicit message in my images. When all is said and done, I am striving with my art to create a uniquely vivid visual experience for my audience that transcends the limitations inherent in strictly associative imagery. My art is simply about the experience of viewing it. I hope you enjoy viewing as much as I enjoyed creating.

Thank you for visiting Studio Pixelskizm.